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Episode #34: What Will People Think?

This is an edited version of a podcast episode. If you prefer to listen, click Make Me Whole Podcast to find this and all my other episodes.

As you may or may not know, every week my sign-off is “Complain less, do more”. This episode isn't going to be about complaining. It's actually about my way of doing more. I have utterly enjoyed creating this podcast, the acts of sharing knowledge and being vulnerable about past experiences, which is necessary for growth. I still experience strong feelings of excitement and terror every time I upload a new episode. It almost feels like every week is like the first. Making the decision to open up and share has been a defining moment in my life. I think what stands out most about this process are the moments when others have shared about how an episode has given them clarity or direction when they felt lost or confused. I've also so appreciated the questions that have come up and the mutual respect and understanding that comes from having a dialogue about our lives and the work that we do. This prompted me to make sure that I included an episode related to just that: my “why”.

Recently I discovered that there are some individuals who had questions about my podcast: why I was doing it, what my motivations were, etc. They took it upon themselves to create a narrative. I found that interesting as they never took a moment to ask me directly. From that questioning came lots of conversations and stories which challenged the truth and foundation of what I say here. It's even been suggested that my sole reason for creating this podcast was to attack others or seek financial gain of some sort. Now, I could come here and complain about how genuinely toxic and manipulative people can be or about how they didn't come and speak to me directly. And honestly, if they want to be about it, they can bring it. But I'm not going to fight them. That's not me, and that hasn't been me for a while now.

While working alongside those who have allowed me the opportunity to help, one thing I have found to be true is that when we are on an emotional, mental, or spiritual journey where we evolve, feel, and heal, there will be people who just don’t get it. When we've taken the opportunity to grow or when we’ve learned how to manage negativity in ways that work for us as opposed to against us, others may not understand it. And that doesn’t mean they are incapable of understanding what healthy thoughts and insights are. They're just not there right now.

This being so, I’ve shared so much about my experiences, my own truths, my own healing, not so I would receive applause, pity, understanding, or attention. But if something I said here resounds with those who are listening, who are seeking clarity, who want to feel like the chaos inside themselves is something they never have to face on their own, then I've done what I set out to do. If another person can see their worth, the power of their conviction, even when everyone is against them, then I've done what I set out to do. If my experiences doing the work to heal myself allowed someone to recognize the necessity of focusing on themselves and creating peace, even if for just a moment, then I've done what I set out to do. I do it authentically, unapologetically, and for the sake of showing that there is strength to be found, even when we feel that we could never lift ourselves out of the darkness.